Legacy FAQ collection  (Ppc, MS Smartphone)

  questions about Legacy, the game:

Q: I entered the reg/code, but it doesn't unlock the rest of the program, says "invalid regcode, Please contact Redshift.".
A: We apologize for this problem, maybe the automated key generator failed. Please send us your "short username" that can be found on the registration dialog, inside the game. Note: case and spaces are important! We'll reply with a new regcode.
Btw the most common problem is a single space after your owner name! You can check it at Start menu -> Settings > Personal > Owner Information.
Q: The registration code I got from **** is invalid. My name is Mercedes Ferrari, but the short username "Mercerrari". It can be the problem.
A: Your short username is correct, since it's always 10 characters long - first 5 and last 5 when the original is longer than 10 characters. The registration code is based on this "short form".
Q: I have lost the registration code for Legacy. Could you please resend it to me?
A: Yes, please contact us at redshift@redshift.hu with your purchasing details (date, site).
Q: I just bought Legacy.  How do I get the manual?
A: Sorry, we don't have an individual document which can be called as manual. However, I think the best is to read David Eaton's review: it's a kind of tutorial: Link to the David's review. It's for Palm, but the game is almost the same.
A new tutorial could help you, too: Link to AustinTW's tutorial.
Another thing: the game contains a Help, with important information (main menu).
You may find more information on www.1src.com, Legacy forums.
Q: I have a registered Legacy 1.04 version, purchased at ****. Can I upgrade my version to 1.05? And is it a free upgrade or do I have to pay for it?
A: The Legacy 1.05 version is free for registered users! You don't have to pay for it, simply download the the 1.05 version and install it: this version uses the same registration code that 1.04 did.
Please read the next few q&a!
Q: How can I upgrade my version to 1.05? Will I lose my saved games/downloaded maps?
A: Simply download the 1.05 shareware version, and install it. This new version will overwrite your old one, but this process never touches the saved games/downloaded maps! You shouldn't have a single problem after uograding.
IMPORTANT! You have to install the 1.05 version into the same memory (handheld/card), same directory! If you accidentally install it to another directory, then you may can't see your saved games at once - please use the File Manager, locate the old installation directory, and copy the LegacySaveX (where X is 0-4) files into the new directory.
Same for additional maps... you need to copy them, too.
Q: If I reinstall Legacy on my device, will I lose the saved games?
A: You won't! Please read the previous q&a!
Q: Where can I find info for the Legacy game? I have several questions, I can't pass some of the quests!
A: There are several sources. Please check these:Tutorials for Legacy:
Q: Can I play with Legacy from my card instead of handheld memory?
A: Yes, absolutely. Although you may encounter with a bit slower load/save, since the card is slower than the handheld memory.
Note: the Legacy installation path can be various on card, while it's exact on handheld memory (Program Files\Games\Legacy). You'll have to find the Legacy directory on your card, if you want to make saved game backups or would like to install additional worlds.
Q: How can I backup my saved games from my Pocket PC device?
A: First you need to connect your desktop computer to your PPC. Next, locate the Legacy installation directory:
- if the game is installed on handheld memory: the installation path is Program Files\Games\Legacy
- if the game is installed on a card: the installation path can be various. You need to find it.
Now you can see the files... the saved games are called as LegacySaveX, where X can be 0-4. The 0. is the auto-saved game, the 1-4 are the slots. Simply copy the file(s) to your desktop computer. Done!

  questions about Expansion packs/additional worlds:

Q: I just purchased the Legacy Expansion Pack for Legacy. After installation, I can't find any new icons on my device. How can I start it?
A: The Legacy Expansion Pack is not a standalone product, just an add-on for Legacy. Every additional world is connected to one of the 3 cities in base Legacy. The Legacy Expansion Pack is connected to Grendelmoore, the 3rd city. It's because you need a party with at least level 15 characters - the Expansion Pack monsters require it! You'll find there really tough ones. When you reach the 3rd city, simply enter the Global Teleport (center of the city), and you should see a new teleport target for the Expansion Pack.
Q: I have reached the 3rd city, Grendelmoore, but I can't enter the Official Expansion Pack/Revenge from the teleport at the center. What should I do?
A: Probably you installed the expansion pack(s) into a different directory/drive, so the game wasn't able to find and load them. Please check this q&a for locating the Legacy installation directory. Among the files, you have to see "misspack" (Official Expansion Pack) and/or "revenge" (Legacy:Revenge). If you can't see them, then the you need to locate these files on your device and copy them to Legacy directory.
Happens rarely when you still can't enter the expansion packs, however the file(s) are there. In this case please download them again, because they can be damaged.
Q: How can I enter the registration code for the Legacy Expansion Pack?
A: You can't enter the Exp Pack regcode at once, but the game will ask it later, when you play with the Exp Pack. There are key points in that world (of course you'll need to enter the regcode once!).
Q: First I tried the Legacy: Revenge shareware version, then I bought it. The full version doesn't show the shareware demon thing, but I simply can't enter the places that were blocked by the demon. What can I do?
A: We apologize for this problem... you seems to have the previous version of Revenge, which had a bug. Later, we released the fixed version, which works correctly. Please contact us at redshift@redshift.hu with your purchasing details so we can let you download the fixed version from our server.
Q: How can I enter the registration code for the Revenge expansion?
A: The Legacy:Revenge Expansion Pack doesn't have a registration code... but has separate demo/full versions. After purchasing, you should be able to download the "full" version from the distributor. If you can't, please contact us at redshift@redshift.hu with your purchasing details (date/site), so we can let you download the full version from our server.